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Cómo elaborar nuestro propio limoncello en casa - DISEVIL

How to make our own limoncello at home

We are going to make Limoncello, but first let's know its origins.

Origin of limoncello

A symbol of national pride, its creation dates back to the late 1800s and was due to a woman, María Antonia Farace, grandmother of the businessman Massimo Canale y Capri, who was the first to register the Limoncello brand in 1988. The Sorranto region In Italy, one of the most popular liqueurs was born today, on the tables of homes and restaurants.

Limoncello has made a name for itself as one of the preferred liqueurs for its digestive properties after a meal, or to improve the flavor of desserts and salads.


The preparation time for our homemade limocello will be around two and a half months, of which about thirty days are necessary to macerate the alcohol with the lemons, responsible for the characteristic yellow color.

The ingredients

The quantities are for two 3/4 bottles:

  • 1/2 kg of large lemons, preferably thick-skinned.
  • 3/4 L of food alcohol (see recommended products at the bottom of this post)
  • 1 L of mineral or purified water.
  • 600 grams of sugar (the amount of sugar will depend on the degree of sweetness we want to give it)

STEP 1: Wash the products

The starting point of all preparation is to wash the products. So, first of all, we wash the lemons very well. Once washed and dried, we extract the yellow peel from them.

  • Be careful not to drag the white part! If we do so, we will add bitterness to our preparation, and limoncello is a strong liquor, but not bitter.

We cut the peel into small strips and place it in an airtight bottle along with the food alcohol, and let it rest for between 3 weeks and a month, shaking it once a day.

  • Remember to close the bottle tightly so that the alcohol does not evaporate.
  • Considering that the active content in lemon principles are photosensitive and heat sensitive (sensitive to light and heat) it is better to wrap the glass container with aluminum foil or do it in a dark glass container. For the same reason, it is preferable to keep alcohol with lemon peel in a cool place, away from heat sources.

STEP 2: Maceration and syrup

Once this maceration process is over, we move on to preparing the syrup. For this we will need sugar and water.

  • We heat the water and bring it to a boil. At this moment, we add the sugar, stirring with a wooden utensil until it dissolves perfectly. We let it boil for about 10 minutes, and then let it cool until it reaches room temperature.
  • When the syrup has cooled, we mix, to taste, the macerated alcohol with the syrup, using a strainer that allows us to separate the peel from the alcohol.

STEP 3: bottle our limoncello

Now we just need to bottle our limoncello and let it rest for a month in a dry, dark place.

Once finished, Limoncello can be kept in the freezer, the alcohol and sugar content inside prevent it from freezing.

  • Tip for sealing the bottle: use a cork stopper and pour melted candle wax over it.

Everything ready to enjoy our homemade limoncello
And everything ready to enjoy a great liquor!

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