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How to prepare a tinto de verano

The origin of the tinto de verano

The tinto de verano had its origin in the 1920s in Córdoba, exactly in the "Venta de Vargas", whose owner, seeing the intense heat that hit the place, began to serve his clients house wine mixed with siphon, a combination that was very popular and years later spread throughout Spain.
It is one of the great culinary inventions of the 20th century and to this day it remains the perfect weapon to withstand the summer heat. Its main ingredients, at present, are red wine , which is often the table wine, soda, ice and lemon slices. Although some palates prefer it with lemon juice, something that adds a lot of acidity.

Its first cousin is the calimocho, another cocktail made with red wine and coke, which became popular in Spain in the 1970s. It went by several names and in Barcelona it was called the Cubata Gitano. Each one has its public and they fulfill the function of refreshing the summer.

How to prepare a good summer tinto

Tinto de verano is so easy to prepare that you only need to mix the wine and soda in a chilled glass, highball glass or pitcher with plenty of ice. The quantity of the ingredients will depend on the number of people who are going to consume it and the preference of each one. It is usually accompanied with slices of lime, lemon or orange.

The quality of red wine is also defined by the person who is going to prepare the drink. If ordinary wine is used, make sure it is in good condition and the soda must be cold, since it does not even lose its bubbles. Many serve the tinto de verano in a tube-type glass, but a wide one is recommended for a greater amount of ice.

Do you like it with lemon juice?

If you are one of those who prepares the tinto de verano with lemon, take into account the quality of the wine that you use or use in the place where you are going to consume the cocktail, since if it is of low quality, it is more acidic than the others, and when adding a citrus will become a time bomb in your stomach.

Now that you know a little more about tinto de verano, do you feel like preparing it at home? You see, it is very easy to do and it will help you cool down on these hot days, which will intensify in August.

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