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Spices and botanicals for your gin and tonic

The choice of a botanical depends on the distillate and the nuance that we want to give to our drink. Contrary to popular belief, botanicals do not change the flavor, they only provide certain nuances to drinks, ranging from bitter or acidic to sweet or spicy.

The basics

In the case of gins , the botanical par excellence is the juniper berry . The reason is that they are present in their preparation and as such, you will be able to see them regularly in almost all the combinations of this distillate, highlighting the aroma of your gin and tonic , and giving it a citrus and sweet touch.

Something similar happens with coriander , hibiscus flower and star anise . The first enhances the flavor and aroma of the gin with its lemon nuances, the second gives touches of red fruits, flowers and color to the glass, and the third, in addition to providing an aniseed and digestive touch, acts as a decorative element.


In the case of G'Vine Floraison , characterized by its floral flavor with sweet tones, rose or jasmine petals are, without a doubt, an excellent option, which will add aroma and elegance to the glass.

We can combine flower petals with all floral gins.

The spices

However, there are gins that lean towards certain spices for different reasons. This is the case of the driest and most aromatic ones such as Monkey 47 or Mombasa, which prefer pepper botanicals to accompany them.

In the case of pink pepper, it is great for enhancing the flavor of gin, in addition to giving a pinkish touch to our gin and tonic. Martin Miller's , Magellan or Hendrick's gin are some that you can combine with this spice.

For Monkey 47 , allspice is the best alternative as it enhances its flavor without altering it.

For drier London Dry gins, such as London Nº 1 or Bulldog , and for those who do not like the bitter taste of tonic, it is recommended to add licorice botanicals that help contrast the bitter taste of the soda and promote the gin flavor.

And if what we want is to choose the gin depending on the spice we like, then we have to start by choosing the botanical. For example, if cinnamon is our thing, without a doubt we should opt for gins made with it, such as Brecon or Rives Especial .

Striped cinnamon is also great for enjoying a good vermouth. In this case, we will enhance its flavor with vanilla pods and use orange or lemon peel to counteract the sweetness of cinnamon and vanilla.

The "pink" botanicals

Of course, we couldn't forget the fans of the popular strawberry-flavored gins . The pink world of g ins also has its own essences.

Given the fruity notes and sweet flavor that characterizes pink gins, the botanicals that go best with them are those that enhance their red fruit flavor. Therefore, all botanicals such as strawberries or blueberries, pink pepper, or even orange peel are ideal for this type of distillates. If you are one of those who likes juniper, pink gins also allow it but don't go overboard!

To decorate them, the Hibiscus flower or rose petals are the order of the day.

Enjoy a good drink!

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