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La cerveza y diez datos curiosos que te sorprenderán - DISEVIL

Beer and ten curious facts that will surprise you

1| The oldest recipe

The oldest beer recipe was written in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia in the form of songs and on stone tablets. According to these writings, the drink was made from undercooked barley bread that was fermented in water. In the National Museum of Cairo, a tablet written in hieroglyphics is preserved that indicates how to make it. According to Egyptian mythology, it was Osiris, the god of agriculture, who taught the art of making beer and it was women who first began to make the drink. Furthermore, it is said that monks were also in charge of this process in monasteries.

2| Food and medicine

According to the reports that in the Pyramid Texts, papyri and stelae have reached us for more than 4,500 years, in Egypt beer was consumed as food, for its great nutritional power, and for its medicinal applications.

3| The third drink

Beer is the third most consumed beverage in the world , after water and tea. Its popularity is so great that there is no country where a glass of good beer is not drunk.

4| The oldest brewery

Bayerische Staatsbrauerei Weihenstephan is the name of the oldest brewery in the world, and is located in the city of Munich, Germany. This famous brewery has been brewing beer since 1040, with a great reputation and many years of success.

5| The leading country in non-alcoholic beer

Spain is the European country where the most non-alcoholic beer is drunk , around 15% of the consumption of this drink corresponds to this type.

6| Water, the main ingredient

Almost 95% of beer is water , did you imagine? And it is low in calories, so the beer belly myth is nothing more than a hoax. For every 100 ml, it has 45 calories , so drinking between 1 and 2 glasses of beer from time to time can have benefits for you.

7| The leading country in variety

Belgium is the country that has the most varieties of beer, which has around 400 types throughout the world. Among the nations that consume it the most are the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Australia and the United Kingdom.

8| The beer bomb

In 1814 , beer went from being a appreciated drink to becoming a tragedy, when a tank with approximately 3,000 barrels exploded in London, causing a giant wave that destroyed a parish and several homes. Nine people died.

9| Leader in antioxidants

Beer contains antioxidants! Beer contains a large amount of polyphenols, folic acid and vitamins B1. B2 and B12 , important elements that could prevent degenerative diseases. Apparently a cane, consumed in moderation, helps our body stay younger.

10| The mask

Among the most expensive beers in the world is Vieille Bon Secours , with the incredible price of a thousand dollars per bottle, Antarctic Nail Ale, whose price rises to 800 dollars and Brewdog “the end of history”, with a value of 765 Dollars.

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