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Mari Mayans Ibizan herb liqueur: its origins

The perfect place

Since the time of Dioscorides (doctor, pharmacologist and botanist of ancient Greece, 1st century AD), the fields of Ibiza and Formentera were already named as the ideal terrain for the development of aromatic plants, both cultivated and wild ones. The climate and humidity of the Pitiusas Islands are ideal, offering a wide variety of aromatic plants such as fennel, thyme, rosemary, oregano, lavender, rue, eucalyptus, chamomile, lemon verbena, juniper with junipers, mint, healthy herb, lemon and orange leaves and peel, and sage, as well as other plants such as star anise or badiana and green anise or matafaluga.

The origin of the brand

Although it may surprise you, the origins of the brand are not in Ibiza but in the small and charming island of Formentera , where Juan Mari Mayans was born, at the end of the 19th century. His father was a surgeon who was fond of aromatic and medicinal plants, and a student of their properties and benefits, knowledge and love for plants that he transmitted to his son.

Juan Mari Mayans , a restless man and good merchant, decided with his llaüt to make trips to Barcelona to supply the island with objects and utensils that did not exist there. It was on one of his trips where he learned the secrets of stills and the manufacture of alcoholic beverages, which captivated him and he decided to learn about distillation techniques.

With his knowledge of aromatic and medicinal herbs and the recent vocation of distillation, he began to develop his own formulas to make his own liquors. To do this, he created a small distillery on his native island Formentera, becoming the first spirits manufacturing industry in the Balearic Islands. His liquors would be so successful that he moved the factory to the island of Ibiza, which still exists today.

From then to the present where its sixth generation of heirs continues to maintain tradition and craftsmanship, combining them with modern technology to offer unique and typical drinks from the islands, using those same handwritten recipes.

In 1997, the Hierbas Ibicencas Geographical Denomination was approved, which allows, on the one hand, to protect the geographical name, and on the other, to avoid unfair competition and guarantee the quality of the product.

Mari Mayans products

Visiting Ibiza or Formentera is linked to taking the Ibizan herbal liqueur as a shot as a digestive after lunch or dinner, in a wide glass with ice to be able to savor it slowly, mixing the Ibizan herbs with a soft drink such as Sprite or soda, and each time More are also joining professional cocktails.

Its aniseed flavor, its great quality and its bottle in honor of the peasant woman who was the one who formerly collected the herbs to make homemade liqueurs, distinguishes them from any other brand.

Although the house's specialties are Ibizan herbs, in their different versions, the traditional one, with branch or the special edition , they also make different liqueurs with Frígola (thyme distillate), absinthe and palo (vermouth-type aperitif made from cinchona and gentian) or gin, Gin IBZ Premium .

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