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Spirits and Distillates

Types of distillates and liqueurs

  • Distillate : drink with an alcoholic volume of 32º from the alcoholic fermentation of different raw materials such as fruits, grains or musts.
  • Simple distillate : distillate whose production has only used the raw material. This distillate is 100% pure and contains the characteristics of flavors and nuances characteristic of the fruit, cereal or raw material that is distilled, and nothing more. The most common pure spirits that you can find at Disevil are rum , whiskey or tequila.
  • Composite distillates or liqueurs : in their production, flavors from other elements such as herbs or seeds are added, which do not generate alcohol.

And in turn within the compound distillates or liquors, their classes are:

  • Herbal Liqueur – There are hundreds of herbal liqueurs in the world. For us, the most familiar are, without a doubt, the Galician herbal pomace.
  • Fruit liqueur : practically all the fruits on the planet have been used to make liqueur, some more fortunately than others.
  • Composite liquor : in these cases, in addition to natural elements such as fruits or spices, artificial compounds or components are also used. This would be the case, for example, of amaros.

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