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Jägermeister, history and legend of the mysterious German liquor

Jägermeister is a drink with more than 80 years of history behind it, although it began to become popular in Spain a few years ago. We tell you its main characteristics and curiosities.

The secret history

It is a herbal liqueur originating from Lower Saxony (Germany) that originally emerged as a digestive and ended up being used as an analgesic during the Second World War, but thanks to the hipster movement it has become the fashionable shot in all local.

What you may not know is that Jägermeister is actually a mystery. Today there are only five people in the world who know which are the 56 ingredients with which this drink is made and how many of them to put in. to get that unique flavor.

In fact, only one person has the key to the room where these ingredients are kept and the workers themselves at the factory located in Wolfenbüttel do not know the order in which the herbs are mixed.

The secrecy is so much that all workers must leave their cell phones and any device capable of recording before entering the facilities. There are also no photographs of the factory, all the ones we have seen have been taken directly by the company.

What we do know is that the 56 ingredients with which this liquor is made are selected individually in the laboratory. One of the ingredients used to make Jägermeister is saffron, which is purchased in both Spain and Iran. Each ingredient is carefully measured and weighed before adding it to the mixture.

The story of the deer

The history of its logo, the deer with a white cross, is inspired by a hunter named Hubertus, who was born in Toulouse around the year 657. He had a great passion: deer hunting, but he had few scruples. All that changed on an excursion, when a huge white deer came out of the forest undergrowth, approaching him with a bright cross between its antlers. Impressed, he considered it a sign from God. From that moment on, the movement stopped. hunted and joined the church as a missionary. According to legend, he was appointed bishop of Tongern in 705. Around 717, he moved his official residence to Liège in Belgium. He then commissioned the construction of a cathedral and was known for his benevolence. Soon, the residents of Liège named him patron saint of the city. On May 30, 727, the bishop of Liege, Hubertus died; To this day he is still considered the patron saint of hunters.

The legend survived for centuries and with it the famous Hubertus deer, Curt Mast, the inventor of the Jägermeister formula and a great lover of hunting, took this symbol as the image of his brand and it has appeared on the front label of the bottle of Jägermeister since 1935.

That is to say, behind every shot of Jägermeister that we drink, there is a story and preparation that has been taken care of down to the smallest detail, so that eighty years later this liquor continues to retain all of its flavor and personality.

Jäggermeister gift box

Jagermeister is a liqueur with history, secrecy and... delicious. A pleasure to taste it and give it as a gift.

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