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What is your drink, according to your horoscope

Drink according to your horoscope

The stars influence personality, tastes, and drinks are a matter of style and taste. But what would be the drinks that each zodiac sign would like? Find out if we were right.

  • Aries : People born under this sign are brave and daring. Not all signs are as dynamic and adventurous as Aries, they love to try new things and experiment, so cocktails are very attractive to them. The Mojitos will surely be to your liking.
  • Taurus : they are warm and friendly people who enjoy an environment among friends. They know how to appreciate the good, and the luxuries of life, they are attracted to the exquisite, velvety, earthy and exclusive, for this reason, their ideal drink would be a good Scotch whisky , a Cabernet Sauvignon wine, Brandy Alexander or a Bloody
  • Gemini : These twins, flirtatious, outgoing, lively, daring, smart.... bubbly. A fresh, light and fruity Chardonnay , as well as a Cava , Champagne , or Tequila Sunrise that has tequila , grenadine and orange juice with gin. They will delight people of this sign.
  • Cancer : The creative, loving, sensitive and romantic Cancer needs a wine that will delight their senses; Pinot Noir will bring out the sensitive side of your personality. Try to invite him to a Mojito , he won't be able to resist.
  • Leo : They need a powerful and strong red wine , a Vodka , a Martini, as well as a Dutch gin . This juniper flavored drink will make you feel like the kings of the earth.
  • Virgo : They are a sign that they are always busy or thinking about what to do, meticulous and analytical, gin and tonic , a Margarita cocktail and Cabernet Sauvignon are drinks as structured as a Virgo.
  • Libra : They are tolerant and courteous people and apparently calm. They need balance. Vermouth , brandy and Chardonnay wine is ideal for finding the perfect balance between fruit and flavor.
  • Scorpio : forceful, jealous with a sensual and somewhat secretive personality. There is no doubt that this sign has a high dose of eroticism, so it makes sense that the wine should be elegant, complete and charming, as well as a good whiskey or a Bloody Mary .
  • Sagittarius : A freedom-loving sign, honest, simple, powerful and dominant, Tequila and beer will be one of your favorite drinks
  • Capricorn : They are practical, prudent, reserved people. They don't usually drink a lot. A white wine , or Angostura will delight you
  • Aquarius : This eccentric , wild and ambitious sign, usually stands out from the crowd, Chardonnay , Tequila , Anís or Daiquirí , will be their favorite drinks.
  • Pisces : Homey, kind and selfless, and perhaps a bit mundane at times. A Pink Lady cocktail , cider or a sweet and romantic wine just like them.
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