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How to preserve your liqueurs once opened?

Alcoholic beverages, like any other food, have their conservation advice and they are different depending on the type of alcoholic beverage. We are going to explain what is the maximum time to preserve each drink and its conservation conditions once opened.

| Basic Initial Tips

Before going into detail, it should be noted that light, temperature and humidity are the main agents that will influence the conservation of our alcoholic beverages.

Humidity and temperature meters

Sunlight is one of the main enemies in the conservation of our wines and distillates. Always avoid direct exposure to the sun of any type of drink and, whenever possible, store them in closed cabinets or, if it is on an open shelf, ensure that it is located in a place with little light.

Regarding the temperature, it is important that it be stable, without sudden changes. The distillates can be well preserved with an ambient temperature of around 21º. It is true that wine or beer are better preserved in cool environments, for which we can resort to refrigerated wine cellars.

Excessive humidity does not affect the liquid but it can affect the cork or the label, so it is important not to store bottles in very humid places for a long time.

From these general guidelines we will go into detail according to the different types of alcoholic beverages.

| Store dark spirits: whiskey, rum, brandy

Bottle of Johnnie Walker Double Black whiskey

As long as they are closed , they can be kept for many years as long as we observe the aforementioned guidelines of not exposing them to light, at a controlled temperature and without excessive humidity.

Once opened , it will depend on the amount left over and the storage conditions. It is recommended that it always be in a dark and cool place. If we have half a bottle left, it should be drunk within a maximum of a year, and if you have less than a quarter of a bottle, around three to four months before its qualities begin to change. This is because the free space in the bottle favors oxidation.

| Store clear spirits: gin, vodka

Bottle of Vodka Blat

The shelf life of unopened clear liqueurs is not as long as that of dark liqueurs. It is advisable to consume them in about two years so that their aroma and flavor qualities are not affected. And, as always, keep them protected from light and in a cool place.

Once we have opened them, it is almost better to keep them in the fridge , especially if they are liqueurs that are usually going to be consumed cold. In the case of vodka, it can last up to 10 years if you keep it in the freezer.

| Preserving tequila: a special case

Corralejo tequila bottle

Before opening it, tequila can be stored as described for dark liquors (aged or reposado tequila) or white liquors (white or silver tequila).

However, once opened, tequila degrades quite quickly, so it is advisable to consume it within two months after opening it to avoid oxidation and evaporation.

| Store liquors with dairy

Bottle of Sheridan's

Cream, milk or cream-based liqueurs such as Bailey's, Sheridan's or Bomba del Delta are even more important to keep in a cool place. Some usually incorporate an expiration date.

Once opened, it is essential to always keep them in the fridge and to be consumed within a maximum period of 6 months .

In general, the more sugar a liquor has, the faster it will spoil, although many liquors also have preservatives to combat spoilage.

| preserve wines

Bottle of Viña Zorzal Chardonnay

The conservation of wines before opening them is greatly influenced by factors such as their production, alcoholic strength or grape variety.

In general, the vast majority of White and rosé wines are recommended to be consumed during the year following their bottling date.

Red wines are more tolerant with the date of consumption, we must take into account the type of wine, aging, reserve, etc. From one to two years is the time that you can keep a wine unless you have a place prepared for it, such as a cellar or basement without any type of humidity or temperature changes.

The wines once opened it is advisable to consume them at the moment or at most the next day.

| keep beer

Bottle of Gruut Blond Beer

The beer incorporates an expiration date and to keep it in its optimal state, a cool place protected from light is important. Once opened it must also be consumed at the moment .

| keep sparkling

Bottle of Kripta cava

Sparkling drinks such as cava, champagne, prosecco, frizzantes can be kept unopened in a cool place protected from light for about a year .

Once opened, the sparkling wines must be consumed within one day.

| preserve vermouth

Bottle of Padro Blanco vermouth

Dry and sweet vermouths have a much longer shelf life once opened than conventional wines, and although they will change their flavor and color, they will be pleasant to drink for up to 4 to 6 months once opened .

| The position of the bottle: horizontal or vertical?

The storage position of the bottle in the case of distillates must always be vertical, and horizontal in wines. Because?

In the case of wine, horizontal storage is recommended so that the liquid comes into contact with the cork and prevents it from drying out.

In the case of distillates, it is recommended to store them vertically precisely so that the liquid does not come into contact with the cork. The reason is that distillates have a much higher alcoholic degree than wine. Its alcoholic strength could corrupt the cork, allow the entry of air and, in addition, transfer bad odors or flavors to the distillate.

In summary, low light, controlled temperature, low humidity and, once opened, consume within a reasonable period of time.

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