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How to choose which wine to buy online

It is often difficult to choose which wine to buy for each occasion. To help you in your search, we provide you with several categorizations and filters that will help you make the best decision:

  1. National wines vs International wines : if origin is important to you, the first thing you could do would be to decide between Spanish wines or wines from other areas of the world. Some are not necessarily better than others, but depending on the occasion, one type of wine may fit better.
  2. Filter by country : if you decide on international wines, you can choose the country that you most fancy. At Disevil we offer a wide selection of wines from Germany, Argentina, Australia, Chile, France or New Zealand, among others.
  3. Type of wine by color : it is the fastest filter, if you are clear about what you are looking for. White, red, rosé or even frizzante wine.
  4. Denominations of origin : DOs refer to areas of the world where certain wines come from, but also a guarantee that these wines have been made following very specific and meticulous production methods. We have wines from more than 20 denominations of origin, both Spanish and international.
  5. Grape variety : If you are already an expert in the world of wine, you may already have identified the grape varieties that you like the most. At DISEVIL we label the wines so you can find a good Albariño, Cariñena, Garnacha, Godello or Malbec, among others.
  6. Format or size of the bottle : size does matter, and also affects the flavor and conservation of the wine. The usual format of a wine is 750 ml, but you will also find Magnum bottles (liter and a half) and even 3 liters.
  7. Alcohol level : although it is not usually a reason for filtering, it is always good to have a reference on the alcohol level of a wine. Normally a softer wine will be more suitable for drinking in glasses or as an aperitif, while a stronger one will be perfect for a strong delicacy. We have wines from 5 to 15 degrees.
  8. Price : If you are clear about the budget you have for a wine, the best and quickest thing is to filter by price. At DISEVIL we want to make wine accessible to all budgets, and we present dozens of very correct options at affordable prices. At the same time, we incorporate wines for the most demanding palates, with significantly higher prices, but all of them are worth it.
  9. Wines to give as a gift : visit our “Give wine” section if you want to give a special gift with wine. We offer personalized packs that will fit any occasion.

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