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Gruut Brewery

The Gruut brewery was founded in 2009 in the city of Ghent (Belgium). In the brewery itself there is a tasting area and guided tours are organized

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Annick Desplenter

Annick Desplenter is the founder, CEO and brewmaster of Gruut. It comes from a family of brewers that has been dedicated to brewing beer for four generations.

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Gruut and history

Gruut is located in Ghent, the capital of Flanders, Belgium. It was the birthplace of Carlos V (1500-1558) King of Spain. Under his reign the monetary unit was the "Gruut" and hence the name of the beer.

"Grown up in a traditional Belgian brewing family, I couldn’t resist the brewing genes of my parents (Brewery Desplenter - van Hencxthoven, established in 1878). My acquiescence resulted in a brand-new, contemporary concept of a brewing recipe that had never been used before: replacing hops with herbs, creating a mild, very nice ale. The ambition Brewery Gruut is to strive for maximum customer satisfaction by constantly pushing the boundaries in terms of craftsmanship and sustainable innovation."

–  Annick Desplenter – founder and CEO