Dale otro uso a tus botellas de vino y licor - DISEVIL

Give another use to your wine and liquor bottles

Now that it is fashionable to recycle almost everything, there are a lot of beautiful, original and useful things with which to take advantage of all types of glass bottles, especially those for liquor, such as whiskey , cognac , brandy, gin and vodka . premium , which in most cases are true wonders.

Here are some examples of how those bottles can look after passing through your hands.

Lamps, candelabras, bird feeders, to organize bracelets, Christmas decorations, candle holders and endless things. We can also decorate with accessories that we normally have at home, such as buttons, beads from that necklace or bracelet that we no longer wear or that has broken, paint, cork, lights, marbles, bows or ribbons, for example.

And some accessories or small furniture for the garden? !! Imagination to the power !!

Since then, I have searched the internet, how to cut glass bottles at home easily, and I have found a multitude of tips and ways.

From now on, in addition to enjoying drinking a good wine , cava or liquor , you can also enjoy recycling and decorating their bottles and containers.

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