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El tequila y los errores que cometemos al beberlo - DISEVIL

Tequila and the mistakes we make when drinking it

Tequila is, without a doubt, more than a margarita cocktail and there are several mistakes around its consumption that few know about, but practice every time they are presented with a bottle of this distillate. We are going to highlight some of the misunderstandings that exist regarding the characteristics and how to consume this distillate.

Drink tequila with salt and lemon

This custom should not exist today, since salt and lemon alter the flavor of tequila, the correct way if you want to take it in a shot is to drink it in sips and not in one gulp.

The tradition or ritual of salt and lemon arose due to the poor quality of the first tequilas that were distributed outside of Mexico, which left an unpleasant sensation in the mouth due to the combination of agricultural alcohols that manufacturers added to reduce costs. .

Drinking margaritas and shots very quickly

The best thing is that, apart from the fact that you can try it in cocktails, you can also drink it alone and without rushing , exploring its aromas and flavors. For this it is necessary to get a glass like the one you use to drink a good brandy or whiskey and let yourself be carried away by the sensations. You will see how you enjoy it more than when you take it in one sip!

Thinking that tequila and mezcal are the same

This confusion is very common and is due to the fact that both drinks are made with agave. However, the sugar extracted from this plant is used for mezcal and its content is 100%. On the other hand, tequila can be made with a minimum of 51% blue agave and the rest are other types of substances, although we advise you to drink 100% agave tequilas.

Refrigerate the tequila

This depends on each person's taste, but when it comes to enjoying the aromas, it is better not to refrigerate it. Low temperatures hide the aromatic essence of tequila and numb the tongue, preventing you from tasting the drink . The most suitable solution for those who like cold liquor is to add a little ice.

Believing that tequila has no varieties

Like wine, tequila also has varieties and there are five officially recognized as tequila : the white, which is not aged and is the basis for making the other types such as the young, which is stored in the barrels for a maximum of 2 months, the Reposado that has been stored for up to 1 year and the Añejo that is between 1 and 3 years. The latter is followed by the Extra Añejo, which has a storage time of more than 3 years.

Not daring to pair with tequila

Have you ever thought about it? Surely yes, but you haven't dared because the word pairing in front of a bottle of tequila always sounds difficult, but it is very easy, more so than it seems. And the varieties of this liquor are suitable for all types of food. For example, the white can be had with fish and seafood, while the reposado is more suitable for meats, moles or strong sauces and if it is desserts, the añejo is perfect.

Not storing tequila well

Before finishing, we tell you that we must be careful when we store it, after

opening the bottle, since although it does not spoil, it can evaporate and change its flavor. It should be very well covered and away from sunlight.
Of all these mistakes, which one have you made? Surely some or other, but now that you know more, you can enjoy this drink better.
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Tequila is much more than salt and lemon.

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