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La historia del tequila - DISEVIL

the history of tequila

The legend

Legend has it that tequila was the gift that the gods gave to the indigenous communities that inhabited the extensive estates of old Jalisco. A strong storm caused the entire town to take shelter in a cave, where they hid for several days and nights. Hunger led the wisest of the group to realize that the lightning strikes in a field during this storm had burned some attractive plants. Most of them had begun to release a viscous liquid with a delicious smell and sweet taste. They had discovered the origins of tequila.

This elegant plant, with sharp leaves in blue, green and purple tones with a pineapple-shaped heart, spreads easily through the fields of Jalisco , and has its own name: Agave or Maguey.

An indigenous man forgot the juice for several days and, upon returning to his hut, he discovered a new aroma that enveloped the environment. Then he observed that small bubbles came out of the juice that formed a thick white foam. When he tried it, he found an enriched and different flavor. Then he separated the liquid from the foam for consumption and discovered that his personality changed and he noticed a certain intoxication, which meant that among the Aztecs, tequila was consumed only by hierarchs and priests at religious events and festivities.

They were the first Spanish settlers who knew how to take advantage of what this plant offered, introducing the distillation process to obtain a drink with a higher alcoholic level and purer, thus obtaining Mezcal wine.

The Mexican national drink

After the independence of Mexico, Spanish wines were relegated by tequila as a national product. Since then, all the flashes have gone towards this Mexican drink, becoming popular through the country's soap operas.

For decades, bottles of tequila seemed to belong to Mexican actors and wealthy families, who bought them without hesitation and showed them off among haciendas and horses to the sound of mariachi music.

For years, tequila consumption has spread to the most humble homes in all corners of the world, and it has done so, under different brands, Tequila Don Julio, Tequila Sauza or Tequila Herradura, among some of them.

There are two types of tequila: 51% agave tequila (which is a mixture of agave and other sugars, mainly from cane) and 100% agave tequila (made purely with agave. The authentic salt and lemon tequila), which in turn is classified into: white, rested, aged and young .

José Cuervo was the first businessman to legally manufacture the famous Mexican product known as tequila, and at the end of 1700 he began to export 25 barrels of tequila to Spain.

In the 21st century, José Cuervo is the best-selling tequila brand in the world.

Some Premium tequilas

In today's Mexican society, salt and lemon tequila is the main basis of a good party and means national pride. It is the starter and dessert of any celebration, with tequila shots being the kings of toasts. A drink of this white or golden liquor not only serves to toast with tequila the good times, but also to remember them. It is true that if its consumption has spread rapidly, it is because a bottle of salt and lemon tequila is also the best friend of loneliness and sorrow. This is salt and lemon tequila.

The fame of tequila, this Mexican delicacy, is such that its unmistakable agave flavor with touches of oak and vanilla, has been incorporated into some other drinks and mixed drinks, one of the most famous and well-known, is undoubtedly the Margarita cocktail made basically with tequila, salt and lemon or lime.
But there is still more. Did you know that tequila helps us control weight in our diet and lowers blood sugar levels, prevents osteoporosis, reduces the risk of suffering from dementia, and combats insomnia? And if you also want to drink it correctly, Read this article about the mistakes we make when drinking tequila .

Knowing its history, how delicious it is and all the benefits it brings us, whether alone or combined, who can resist a good tequila?...

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