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Mamajuana and its aphrodisiac powers

Mamajuana rum is the liquor known as the viagra of the Dominican Republic. It has become very popular for its power to enhance sexual performance in both men and women. And it is that it is not for less, in this country everyone recommends it and affirms that they have solved their sexual problems with a few glasses.

| The origin of Mamajuana

drawing of the taino indians

This peculiar drink was used by the Tainos since ancient times, before the discovery of America, to cure various illnesses and ailments such as colds, coughs, flu, or revitalize people's spirits. It had no alcohol and at first it was called “Quisqueya”.

With the arrival of Christopher Columbus, Mamajuana changed and new ingredients were added, such as rum, wine and other herbs. The shamans of the time were adapting all kinds of ingredients until they included molluscs, one of the secrets to make more than one "playful".

| Aphrodisiac and ally of sex

There are two types of mamajuana . One with medicinal benefits, which is made with exotic roots, and the other to enhance sexual desire and correct erectile diffusion problems, made with squid broth and all kinds of mollusks.

This latest version of the drink is the most sought after not only by the locals, but also by tourists who spend a few days on the island and is even exported to the United States and also to Europe, where it is becoming a boom and the object of curiosity, especially in Dominican bars and online liquor stores.

"Thanks to the mamajuana I have had 12 children. If it didn't come to be for her, it would be sterile”, confesses a Dominican to and just like him, many recommend it without thinking. There is no doubt that it is mystical and brightens the life of everyone who tries it.

| Ingredients and preparation

Mamajuana ingredients

It has as ingredients: honey, cinnamon, rum, nutmeg, marabelì, cat's claw, Brazilwood, timacle, osua, Palo Indio, Bojuco Caro, among other exotic herbs, it is even said to contain "hawksbill member", sea ​​turtle penis

The bottles in which the ingredients are combined and macerated for a few days have a useful life of up to seven years, according to mamajuanero experts, so when the aphrodisiac drink is consumed, they can be refilled with the rum to the liking of each person or missing ingredients.

| The origin of the name "Mamajuana"

Name of the Mamajuana

The most popular version of the origin of the name explains that it is a derivation of the French bottle "dame-jeanne", where it was presumably made for the first time.

The story refers to the anecdote that tells how Queen Juana I of Naples, after sheltering from a storm in a glassmaker's workshop, became interested in making bottles.

The queen would have tried to make her own bottle and, blowing with great force, she achieved a ten-liter capacity. This bottle was given the name "dame-jeanne" or "damajuana".

Over time, the pronunciation changed the "d" to the "m" and ended up as "mamajuana".

| Mamajuana, the Dominican national drink

Bottle of Ron Veleiro Mamajuana

La Mamajuana forms today a factor of Dominican identity with what is a symbol of this country and many attend to enjoy its exquisite flavor and the values ​​that have been attributed to this already legendary drink.

The bottles for the preparation of this liquor are sold in markets and local folkloric items sales points, such as in New York City, Puerto Rico and other places where the presence of Dominicans is known.

Due to its history and its effects, Mamajuana is a drink that is worth trying and verifying its effects. If you are looking for it already prepared, such as Mamajuana Veleiro , recently arrived in Spain, you can buy it at our online store.

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