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¿Qué bebidas son las preferidas por los españoles? - DISEVIL

What drinks are preferred by the Spanish?

How would Spain be if we divided it according to the type of alcohol consumed? Just a few months ago, the company Kantar Worldpanel carried out a real study on the drinks most consumed by Spaniards. The country was divided into a new organization with an indisputable leader, beer.

the prevailing beer

The Spanish prefer a beer before any other drink for the day and it is the Andalusians, along with Extremadura, the Levante area, the Canary Islands, and the Balearic Islands, who top the list, possibly due to the milder climate.

Cider, wine and cava

Northern Spain, we are talking about Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria. The Basque Country (these last three, also great cider consumers) and part of Castilla León, lead in wine consumption while Catalonia continues to prefer a glass of cava when they go out to have fun.


On the other hand, when the weekend arrives, the entire country forgets about beer, wine and cava and opts for spirits. Although it all depends on whether they go out with friends or as a couple.

If they go out with friends, people from Madrid prefer whiskey with coke , Andalusians prefer rum , and Mediterraneans prefer gin and tonic .

If they go out with their partner, then the cocktails go up like foam. Among them, the Mojito and the Caipirinha are the most popular.

Sunday is still a special day of the week. Leaving Sundays to go out with the family has left its mark on the aperitif and has turned vermouth into the drink par excellence.

After work

For those who like to go out for a drink after work, the statistics say that they will drink beer. They will only change it for the whiskey , if they decide to drink a glass of a high-grade drink.

Women and men

As always, women and men choose different drinks. Nor is it the same if we relate it to the age of the consumer.

Currently, women tend to consume more wine than men on any day of the year, although spirits with different fruity flavors, such as strawberry-flavoured gins and vodkas, are pervading this group.

They prefer beer and spirits. In fact, distilled beverages such as whiskey, rum, vodka... or gin, are consumed more at night than during the day and are usually mixed with soft drinks.


Young people between the ages of 18 and 24 have a lot to say about this, who prefer, above all, highly alcoholic beverages. What they drink the most is rum , followed by gin , whiskey and vodka , and they also do so with a much higher percentage than the rest of the population outside this age range.

If they pay, they usually choose beer and if they are guests... distilled. Could it be that the pocket sometimes pulls in...

The fact is that the place we come from sets trends in our preferences and customs when it comes to consuming our favorite drinks.

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