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Cognac Martell, la destilería de Cognac más antigua - DISEVIL

Cognac Martell, the oldest Cognac distillery

Cognac or cognac is an alcoholic beverage with an amber hue, possessing a characteristic aroma that sharpens the senses. Over the years, cognac has been synonymous with ostentation and sumptuousness, and has gained versatility over time.

It is important to note that cognac is a type of brandy that is distinguished by its location of production. The magic happens inside the Cognac Houses located around the city of Cognac, hence the origin of the name. In the French department of Charente, specifically at 7 Place Édouard Martell, 16100 Cognac., is one of the most important and oldest Houses of Cognac, La Maison Martell .

History of Martell Cognac

In 1715 France was experiencing a notable boom in Epicureanism, in the appreciation of gastronomy and art. Jean Martell, born in 1694, arrived in France after leaving the island of Jersey. He traveled throughout the territory in search of the best eaux-de-vie, until settling in the cognac region and founding the Maison Martell distillery. Continuously and persistently, Jean Martell traveled throughout the region where he forged friendships with experienced producers, with the aim of developing and perfecting his own distillation method. In 1726 he celebrated his first marriage with one of the daughters of a cognac merchant. Eleven years later, in 1737 he married a second time and Rachel Lallemand became his second wife.

After this second marriage, Jean Martell dedicated himself to expanding his distillery and with this in mind he bought land near the Charente River. He sold liquor to European countries such as Germany, the Netherlands, England and later to North America. Thanks to this, the Duke of Orleans, Benjamin Franklin and George Washington became his most important clients.

Martell's legacy

Martell died at the age of 59, in the year 1753. It was then that Rachel Lallemand took charge of the business with the intention of continuing with her husband's desire and following her same philosophy " I want only the best, without artifice ."

Rachel Lallemand died in 1775, leaving the business started by Jean Martell in the hands of her two sons, who also dedicated their lives to the art of cognac and the expansion of the company.

It would be in 1783 when Paris recognized the independence of the United States and Martell made the first export of Martell cognac to American shores.

Thanks to an import license signed by English King George III, Martell cognac managed to enter England during the continental blockade, becoming recognized as an excellent cognac by the English market.

Martell VSOP Cognac bottle and case

In 1831, Martell's descendants produced the first VSOP cognac . and in 1838 they acquired the Castle of Chanteloup, known as “Château de Chanteloup” . This castle became the renowned House Martell for more than 200 years.

As the years go by, the growth of the business in the international market is on the rise and Martell cognac is recognized thanks to the authenticity of its flavor and the versatility that Martell VS Cognac managed to demonstrate.

From 1858, exports began to Asian countries, such as Indonesia, Japan, Korea and Vietnam. Martell cognac was present at important events such as the coronation of King George V of England and the expedition to the North Pole of Paul-Emile, a famous explorer.

In 1962, the Martell House launched its star cognac , the “ Martell Cordon Bleu ” or “Martell Extra”, which was greatly received by cognac connoisseurs.

Martell cognac present in high society

Martell Extra cognac was also present at high-ranking events, such as at the royal wedding dinner of Prince Rainier of Monaco and Grace Kelly, at the reception party that the President of France dedicated to Queen Elizabeth II at the Musée du Louvre and at the Castle de la Celle; and also served as a gift to Emperor Hirohito of Japan, during his visit to France.

Artisanal elaboration

The popularity of Martell cognac is due to its artisanal distillation method. Maison Martell stands out for being the only house that only distills white wines, obtaining a pure result that guarantees the unique flavor of its cognac.

This technique demands high precision in the temperature and time of distillation.

During distillation, a colorless spirit without impurities is obtained, which takes on its amber hue once it remains inside the oak barrels that rest in the dark cellars of Casa Martell, until it matures and reaches the key point. This is when the cognac is extracted from the oak barrels and left to rest in a decanter.

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