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Tips and tricks to avoid a hangover

There is no magic potion that will take away a hangover, but we have compiled a series of recommendations and tips to avoid having a bad time after drinking.

Avoid coffee

This is a very important recommendation since, although many say that it is effective against hangovers, it is counterproductive, because it contains caffeine and contributes to dehydration.

Drink a lot of water

Let's keep in mind that "Hangover symptoms are partly due to dehydration, so replacing that fluid loss can help."

Everyone knows that drinking water helps the body replace the fluids it lost with alcohol consumption, but few know that drinking a glass of water before going to sleep after a crazy night reduces the feeling of dehydration during the day. following.

Take vitamin C

This advice is very effective, since vitamin C (oranges, lemons) and fructose in fruits help the liver to quickly metabolize and eliminate ingested alcohol. Some also recommend eating a banana to provide potassium to the body.

Have a good breakfast

The best thing to not think about the symptoms and relieve them is to have a good breakfast that can include milk, eggs, cereals and some chopped fruits. In addition, you can later include an energy drink to replenish mineral salts.

Ibuprofen for headache

If you have a hangover and your head hurts, never choose paracetamol because it makes the liver work, which after so much alcohol can't do much more, the best solution is ibuprofen which is less aggressive with our body.

a little exercise

Oxygen helps the toxins from alcohol break down, so getting outside and getting some exercise will never hurt anyone, and you might even release some endorphins to boost that post-hangover mood.

How do we avoid a hangover?

It goes without saying that the best way to avoid a hangover is by controlling what we drink and not overdoing it, but if we have decided to have a "crazy night" it is best to prevent:

  • Eating before drinking is very important. Try to eat something solid before you start drinking, like a good plate of pasta or something substantial. A glass of milk can also help prevent alcohol from being absorbed so quickly by the body.
  • Do not mix drinks , otherwise it will make you feel very bad and there will be no divine salvation to protect you from a hangover.

Choose clear drinks

The color of the spirits you drink can affect how you feel the next day. A hangover from a clear drink like vodka, gin, or clear versions of rum and tequila will be more bearable.
The reason has to do with chemical compounds called congeners.

Congeners are biologically active components contained in many beverages. These congeners vary depending on the origin of the fermented sugars. The distillation process reduces the concentration of these substances (as in the case of vodka).

Darker drinks like aged bourbon, cognac , red wine , whiskey, and tequila tend to have higher levels.

Do not drink carbonated drinks

Opt out of drinking champagne, cava, sparkling or other alcohol mixed with carbonated drinks, research shows that bubbles can cause alcohol to be absorbed more quickly, hence New Year's Day hangovers

Drink water while drinking

This trick consists of alternating each alcoholic drink with a liquid, for example juice or water, this way you will stay hydrated and reduce the consumption of liquor throughout the party or meeting you have.

Try getting some fresh air and drinking a couple of glasses of water before going to bed to compensate for fluid loss and avoid a hangover the next morning.

Remember that the most important thing is to avoid drinking too much, so we advise you to drink in moderation and save your body from a tremendous hangover.

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