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The best Macallan... maybe it's Tamdhu?

The consecration of the Macallan brand as one of the most prestigious in the world of whiskey and its corresponding growth - in demand and price - has led many to look for more authentic alternatives and it seems that experts agree on one that stands out among the rest: Tamdhu.

Below we are going to comment on some of the key reasons why it is no coincidence that Tamdhu is a whiskey as appreciated as Macallan.

Its origin: Speyside, like Macallan

The name "Tamdhu" comes from Gaelic and its meaning is "little dark hill" . Tamdhu was born in 1897 in the considered capital of Scotch whiskey, the Speyside Valley, birthplace of prestigious brands such as Glenfiddich, Glenlivet or, of course, Macallan. The founders of Tamdhu had a very clear idea of ​​the type of Scotch whiskey they wanted to make and to do so they imported sherry casks made of oak from Spain to give the maturing whiskey a rich and fruity profile. His whiskey was quickly valued by Glasgow blenders, who favored it for its heavier, wintry style of spirit which added much-needed weight to the mainstream blended Scotch whiskeys of the day.

Sherry barrels

In the early 70s, with the whiskey boom and the great availability of American oak barrels, ex-bourbon from the United States, Tamdhu incorporated bourbon barrels into his process. However, in the early 90s, he returned to his original style using exclusively Sherry casks sourced from a Spanish winery that also supplied the same casks to Macallan . So at that time Tamdhu and Macallan, located just eleven kilometers from each other, used the same sherry barrels from the same winery in Spain. It is not surprising, then, that comparisons were made between their respective styles of whiskey as both distilleries produced that meaty, sherry single malt style that has taken Macallan to the pinnacle of whiskey.

Growth vs. Tradition

Macallan's growth precisely contrasts with the modest path taken by Tamdhu. After even going through a business closure in 2010, the new owners reopened in 2012 with a very clear positioning based on the original idea of ​​the founders of Tamdhu: to produce exclusively single malt and exclusively in 100% Sherry casks. Their mission statement is very clear: "Tamdhu matures its whiskey exclusively in the best Oloroso sherry casks. 100% Sherry oak matured from start to finish. Nothing less! Because we believe that this style creates the best single malt Scotch whiskey. "

The awards

Those who consider that the "Tamdhu" style is the one that creates the best single malt whiskey must have some reason because "Tamdhu 12 years" has been winning the gold medal at the San Francisco World for three consecutive years (2020-2021-2022). Spirits Competition and doing a double in 2021 also winning gold in the International Spirits Challenge.

The Tamdhu style

Today's Tamdhu are inspired by the rich and meaty Tamdhu style of yesteryears . Its aromas evoke notes of Christmas spices and fruit compote and, in terms of texture, its liquid shows that weight that, decades ago, was what led Macallan to be the most valued brand by whiskey lovers. Now it is Tamdhu who is receiving the attention of whiskey lovers by making a rich and traditional single malt whiskey.

We invite you to watch a video produced by Tamdhu where they show the oak plantations in Galicia, the manufacturing of the barrels in Jerez and the distillation process in Speyside. We hope you enjoy it.

Time will tell if we are facing the new Macallan but there is no doubt that we are facing the old Tamdhu.

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