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Majorcan herb liqueur, flavor and tradition

The herbal liqueur of Mallorca is a liqueur with a long tradition and delicious flavor that in each sip carries a little bit of the essence of the wonderful island.

The origin

The Mallorcan herbal liqueur had its origin, with others made from plants, roots and bark of trees, in the herbal tradition that was maintained for hundreds of years in the monasteries of the island, where friars and apothecaries shared knowledge about drinks. natural ones that were later made for medicinal purposes.

At the end of the 13th century, knowledge of distillation arrived in Mallorca and these recipes became popular and became part of popular culture. They began to be prepared at home in an artisanal way, with their own recipes and taken on an empty stomach, since they were They attributed stomachic and healing properties.

This situation caused excessive use to the point that the court of the city of the Kingdom of Mallorca prohibited its consumption, and even its prescription by doctors and apothecaries. After time the situation stabilized and the prohibitions were lifted. These recipes have been maintained generation after generation and even today they continue to be made in many homes in a completely traditional way.

There are several distilleries that produce and market this Mallorcan herbal liqueur , the best known being Bodegas Túnel, which began its journey in 1898, and currently exports its Túnel de Mallorca Liqueur to several countries around the world.

Aroma and flavor

This digestive liquor, of which there are variations, dry , sweet or mixed , is within the name of spirit drinks and is made from liquor and seven well-known plants that are grown on farms on the island, which are selected and then carefully macerated. to obtain its sweetness and charming aroma.

It is composed of chamomile, famous for its digestive properties; Lemongrass, from the same range as chamomile; fennel, which has antioxidant effects; lemon leaves and lemon balm, known for their sedative and aperitif effects. Also orange and rosemary leaves, stimulating and tonic.

After dinner or as an aperitif

Tradition dictates that you drink this appetizing drink cold or with ice after a meal since it is attributed with digestive properties, but it is also great as an aperitif, in pastries or to make cocktails, such as a Lemon Suprise that combines this elixir with a little of lemon juice.

In addition to this option, you also have the possibility of making mojitos with this drink, replacing rum, others combine it with Angostura, lime juice, ice, cream, in reality countless alternatives to enjoy it.

Surely with everything we have told you you have been encouraged to try them. You will love them.

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