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Los mejores cócteles para alegrar tu verano - DISEVIL

The best cocktails to brighten up your summer

Sun, beach, sand and fun is what comes to mind when we think of summer, which is manifesting itself more strongly this month, but nothing better to cool off these hot days than with delicious cocktails. From Disevil Vinos we bring you a list with the most popular and tasty wines for this beautiful season.


Who has not tried a mojito? It has a delicious flavor and in summer it is one of the most consumed cocktails. It has its origin many years ago in Cuba, where at first it was prepared with brandy instead of rum , sugar or syrup, lemon, mint or mint and mineralized water.

Its initial name was "draquecito", but later it was changed to what we know today as "mojito" , its aroma and freshness that mint brings is undoubtedly a magnet for those who seek it under the shade of an umbrella in the beach or on a hot party night.


A Daiquiri please! This famous cocktail of Cuban origin is also widely consumed on summer nights, because you add a little crushed ice and it is perfect. Its main ingredients are white rum and lemon juice, although today there are different versions of its preparation, which also makes it suitable for all kinds of tastes.

Legend has it that the engineer Jennings Cox, who worked in a mine in Santiago de Cuba, was the one who created the Daiquiri, after he could not find gin to offer his friends and replaced it with rum mixed with lemon juice and a little bit of sugar. It was his friend Giacomo Pagliuchi, who gave the cocktail that name.

Pina Colada

Fruity and delicious. The Piña Colada stands out among the best drinks for summer due to its sweet and refreshing flavor provided by its ingredients, pineapple, coconut and white rum , which when combined form a creamy consistency that will delight the palate of more than one.

It has its origin in Puerto Rico and since 1978 it is the official drink of the country. Its popularity has crossed borders and in the Caribbean it is one of the most requested cocktails. Because? Because it is the favorite for when the heat is pressing.


From Brazil to the world. The Caipirinha is another favorite cocktail for summer due to its freshness and acid touch that is provided by the lime or lemon juice mixed with Cachaça, a local brandy made from fermented sugar cane juice. Also carry a little sugar and ice.

The story goes that the Caipirinha was the predecessor of the "limao shake", which was consumed by Brazilians and consisted of a mixture of "garapa", sugar cane juice with fruit juices, and cachaça .

gin tonic

Perhaps one of the most requested drinks and the one that takes the crown of the most requested cocktail in Spanish bars. It is served in a balloon glass with large ice cubes and the main ingredients are gin , tonic and lemon peel.

Its origin dates back to the 19th century when the English troops in India proposed to add a little gin to the tonic, which at that time was used to combat malaria thanks to quinine, and thus create a cocktail to celebrate victories.

Daisy flower

Another summer classic that triumphs year after year. This cocktail comes from Mexico and its main ingredient is tequila, which is combined with lime juice and triple sec . The edge of the glass in which it is served has salt attached to it with the moisture of a lemon that has previously been rubbed there.

It is said that it is a very good option for a romantic dinner, but it is also very popular in nightclubs or bars. It usually has whole sugar, which gives it a touch of sweetness and some add syrup or a small spoon of agave syrup.

Tequila Sunrise

Also known as “Acapulco”, this cocktail is very original and refreshing. It is prepared in different ways, but the most traditional has tequila , crème de cassis , lime or orange juice, and sparkling water. Some also add grenadine, which gives it a very nice color.

Its preparation, according to the International Bartender Association, is made with three parts of tequila , six of orange juice and one part of grenadine. It is served in a glass where the ingredients gradually sink forming a combination of colors similar to sunrise.

Sex On The Beach

Just his name already makes us think of fun and carefree. This cocktail is the king of outdoor youth parties or summer festivals. It originated in the 80s in the United States, exactly in Florida, where it is said that a bartender named the drink that way in allusion to the purposes of the boys who consumed it.

It has several ways of preparation, but the best known has vodka , orange juice, cranberry juice and peach liqueur. Served in a Collins glass with an orange slice and red cherry.

What is your favorite for this summer?

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