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Spritzer, what is it and how is it prepared?

What was and what is now a spritzer?

In the past, the word spritzer referred to a refreshing carbonated drink typical of Anglo-Saxon countries and with fruit flavors. They were the so-called cranberry/orange/apple spritzers , (cranberry, orange or apple flavored carbonated soft drink).

However, current events have led to turning a word like this into something very cool to have on a terrace when the weather is good. A glass of wine with sparkling water or soda and some ice make up the most basic spritzers of the moment.

The most sophisticated ones incorporate fruits such as grapes in the glass and follow a decoration without rules, to the taste of the consumer.

Those with a sweet tooth opt for the sweet version of the spritzer , adding sodas, spritzers or similar in search of that light sweet flavor. In all of them, ice and wine are the fundamental ingredients of this Anglo-Saxon glass, leaving the soft drink as the refreshing touch of the combination.

But what wine did we choose for the spritzer ?

In general , white and rosé wines are preferred for this type of drink. Those that have been made to be consumed as soon as they are bottled are the ideal ones. You will rarely find a red wine spritzer , although as the saying goes, " it depends on the color or the wine ."

The female world leans towards rosé wine spritzers , while the male world opts for white wine spritzers. They keep the lemonade when it comes to adding the soft drink and they keep the soda.

Regarding fruits, women prefer red fruits in their glasses, leaving grapes for men who, by the way, usually ask for them without any type of decoration.

The most modern version of a spritzer appears with the lime squash on the top. A concentrated lime juice is added at the end and gives it a very interesting sweet touch.

The spritzer is one of the most consumed drinks throughout the United Kingdom and is increasingly found in countries like Spain, where British tourism is increasingly present.

It is a cheap drink, easy to prepare and to the taste of the majority, where it is not about tasting the wine or looking for its aromas or tastes, but rather about enjoying the glass and drinking it as a mixed drink or cocktail.

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