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Vino y cine, una combinación perfecta - DISEVIL

Wine and cinema, a perfect combination

For all of you who like movies and wine , we bring you a compilation of some films set in wine culture.

A good year

It was released in 2006 and starred actor Russell Crowe , who plays Max, a successful stockbroker who inherits a vineyard from his Uncle Henry. At first he goes to the place with the idea of ​​selling the land, but his plans change when he falls in love with the owner of a restaurant and at the same time he begins to remember the good times he spent with his uncle in that calm vineyard.

the year of the comet

Also known as "Year of the comet" , it is a film that will captivate you, as it combines romanticism with humor in a plot that focuses on the discovery and subsequent search for the bottle of wine called "1811", valuable and desired by all, which passes from hand to hand until ascending to a price of 5 million dollars.

came inside

This Italian film, released in 2013 and starring Vincenzo Amato , is a perfect story to enjoy with friends. The adventure begins when the protagonist takes the first sip of wine in his life and experiences an explosion of his senses. He goes from being a shy bank employee to a seducer of women and an expert in the wine world .

blood and wine

Action and suspense wrapped in the world of money and wine . This is how this intriguing film released in 1996 and starring Jack Nicholson and Jennifer López is defined. It tells the story of a wine merchant who steals the most valuable jewels from one of his clients, a theft that includes his lover, his wife and the employee of the owner of those diamonds.

Between glasses

Dramatic comedy released in 2004, from the director of the acclaimed films "Election" and "About Schmidt" with excellent reviews that won 2 Golden Globes (best comedy and best screenplay) and 5 Oscar nominations .

Its stars Paul Giamatti , Thomas Haden Church , Virginia Madsen and Sandra Oh become entangled in this comedy in which Miles, a depressed divorcee, aspiring writer and wine lover, proposes to his old friend Jack, a failed actor who is about to about to get married, take a trip to visit vineyards and taste wines before your wedding.

Bon Appétit

This elegant, beautiful, romantic and passionate story takes place between wonderful dishes from the prestigious Thomas Wackerle restaurant in Zurich, and wonderful wines that the restaurant's attractive sommelier selects for her select diners. Their lives become complicated when they cross the fine line that separates friendship from love.


We decided to include this documentary on the list because you will surely like it a lot. It was premiered at the 2004 Cannes Film Festival and addresses everything about the world of wine , focusing on the issues that influence it, such as globalization, the concentration of power and standardization in the trade of this drink.

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